Web Pricing

Jumpstart your web project today

We understand that your website is a crucial element in portraying the first impression of your business through an online platform. You will be able to work directly with the web consultant to identify your needs and guide you through the design and build out of your website.

We mean what we say so clients get it right the first time. Therefore, we ask clients A LOT of questions to understand them and their businesses as much as possible because each client is unique.

Below are the services we offer to our clients. Price varies for each website because not every client requires the same level of help. Please refer to “What’s Next” below to gain a better understanding of the process and to move forward.

Web Services

  • New Website
  • Current Website Redesign
  • UI/UX: Discovery Phase
  • One-Page Websites
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Semi-Custom WordPress Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blogs
  • WordPress Website Training
  • Additional Page to Current Website
  • Stock Photos
  • Social Media
  • Google Analytics
  • G Suite Setup
  • Forms
  • Quick Delivery

What's Next?

Phase 1: Getting to Know The Client

Start with a free 30-minute phone consultation and follow by a questionnaire that we will send over. We require potential clients to complete this questionnaire before moving forward because it will help not only us to understand the scope of work, but it will serve as a website planner to walk clients through the process of articulating their needs.

Through Phase 1, we will be able to:

  • learn more about the client and the business
  • identify the specifics of the project
  • determine the values that the client will get out of the project
  • determine good fit
Phase 2: Proposal and Contract

After determining good fit and reviewing the questionnaire, we will send the client a proposal to detail our approach, deliverables, budget, and schedule. If the client accepts our proposal, we will send over a contract for signing.

Phase 3: Begin Work and Project Delivery

After receiving the signed contract and deposit, we will begin work and deliver the project as promised.