SEO & Google Analytics

Improving rankings and optimizing the website

Search Engine Optimization

A website must do to things, attract a visitor and compel that visitor to act. SEO focuses on attracting a visitor to your website. SEO is important for new or existing websites because if done correctly, it can help improve your website rankings.

Please note: your website will be on the first page and in some cases, it will be on the second page. It will take time for the search engines to find you. Also, we focus on SEO services for Google. We are well aware that the Google search belongs to them, not us. Therefore, we do what is required by Google to put your website on Google. There are no guarantees to get you on the first page on all search engines.

Google Analytics

To have a successful website, it involves testing and analyzing how users interact with it. Therefore, we use Google Analytics because it is a powerful tool to help you understand who is visiting your website and improve your business. We offer data reports based on Google Analytics such as the number of page views by dates, the number of times your homepage was the landing page, or which page is often the exist page.