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What does writing have to do with design?
What does writing have to do with design? 1024 684 hdoan

Writing is an important aspect of design and is often overlooked in the process. Design and writing help users or readers to understand the purpose of your design and content.

The purpose of writing or design is to center on the users. For a design process, a designer needs to research about users, to understand the users, to map ideas and create prototypes for users. There is no difference between writing and designing. For the writing process, a writer also focuses on the audience. A writer needs to research, to understand his/her audience, and to empathize with and connect to the audience.

When writing is overlooked, poor readability is a problem that designers and users encounter. Writing for the web is completely different than writing for a paper. The web content needs web friendly – meaning the search engine needs to be able to read it, scanning and identifying keywords within the writing.

Therefore, it is best to combine design and writing to create a better user-centered design and user experience. Not only does good writing and design reduces user pain points, it also improves content usability and readability.

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How is design effective in improving the online and mobile experience?
How is design effective in improving the online and mobile experience? 1024 683 hdoan

It is difficult to determine what is a good design because good design cannot be measured in a finite way. There isn’t a checklist to what makes a design on an A-list, but there is a set of guidelines to what makes a design good and effective. The set of guidelines we are referring to is Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good web design and it guides designers in making design effective and in improving the online and mobile experience. The principles of being innovative and designing as little as possible exceptionally stood out to me in many ways.

Good design serves a purpose; therefore, more design is not necessarily better. Having too much design may cause users to feel overwhelmed and troubled in understanding and navigating the content. Design less but make it impactful because it is important to identify the goals and design what is useful and essential to users.

Innovative design is effect in improving the online and mobile experience. The possibilities for innovation are endless. We think of innovation as designing for the future and pushing the boundaries/limits in creating that future. For example, Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was not a follower. He was the pioneer of evolution and led the market with innovative designs. He didn’t emulate his vision of what smart phones might look like. He designed smart phones for the future and pushed the limits in creating it. Thus, gaining Apple the competitive advantage by making the first move in technology, marketing, and product innovation.

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The Pros and Cons of a Content Management System
The Pros and Cons of a Content Management System 1024 782 hdoan

What are the pros and cons of a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that allow users to create and publish the content digitally on a website. While a CMS tool is extremely helpful in adding content to a website, there are several advantages and disadvantages a web designer needs to take into consideration.

With a Content Management System, a web designer can add content and separate it from the site’s design and functionality. It allows content creation without involving the design and the coding. Also, a CMS is helpful in a collaborative setting because each user can be assigned a role.

However, being entirely at ease with a CMS is not an option because it requires extensive maintenance. Regularly maintaining and updating a CMS is a huge disadvantage in using it because an outdated CMS does more harms than goods to a website by making it vulnerable to security threats.

Even though there are advantages and disadvantages in using a Content Management System, it really depends on whether the web designer knows how to use the tool or not to achieve the goals. For example, there are several comparisons made and questions asked between using and A master of ceremonies best represents because a fee is paid for hosting, but an MC needs to work within a set of limitations. It is like how is powerful but a bit restricted with customizable features. On the other hand, is like doing house chores. The person needs to know what he/she is doing and what else needs to be done. Both and have its strengths and weaknesses, but it really depends on how the web designer leverages the tool’s strengths over its weaknesses.

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What makes a good web designer?
What makes a good web designer? 1024 683 hdoan

“Technical knowledge aside, what makes for a good Web designer?”

In addition to technical knowledge, there are many other key elements and characteristics that define whether a web designer is good or bad. A good web designer needs to be familiar with the entire design process. This is comprised of the initial client meeting, discovering the needs of the client, planning and researching the users, and to realize the design.

To be a good web designer, it is important to use words effectively because a website communicates what the site is and what it does. Essentially, a website is a form of brand communication because the web designer is using words and themes to describe information to users via a website.

From Creative Bloq,

Design isn’t just about making things look good. It takes far more
than good taste and understanding colour theory to make you a good designer.

A good web designer needs to have an eye for design, establish a theme, and know the visual balance because it plays a psychological influence on users. For example, color is the first element that catches the user’s attention; thus, it is the core of a website and influences whether a user likes or dislikes the website based on the initial look.

It is important for a good web designer to listen to the clients and the users. Listening to the clients is important to identify the needs and to identify what is the purpose of the website. Therefore, researching about UX or user experience is important because it identifies how people feel when they use the website.

The skills and characteristics for a web designer to be good are countless such as technical knowledge, using a good theme, user experience, and listening to clients, to name a few. However, the most important element to be a good web designer is to constantly learn to expand the skills as technology evolves rapidly.