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What does writing have to do with design?

What does writing have to do with design? 1024 684 hdoan

Writing is an important aspect of design and is often overlooked in the process. Design and writing help users or readers to understand the purpose of your design and content.

The purpose of writing or design is to center on the users. For a design process, a designer needs to research about users, to understand the users, to map ideas and create prototypes for users. There is no difference between writing and designing. For the writing process, a writer also focuses on the audience. A writer needs to research, to understand his/her audience, and to empathize with and connect to the audience.

When writing is overlooked, poor readability is a problem that designers and users encounter. Writing for the web is completely different than writing for a paper. The web content needs web friendly – meaning the search engine needs to be able to read it, scanning and identifying keywords within the writing.

Therefore, it is best to combine design and writing to create a better user-centered design and user experience. Not only does good writing and design reduces user pain points, it also improves content usability and readability.